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Sunday, 29 November 2015


Sorry Christmas mug came out tonight
homemade mince pie
 Both books arrived this weekend, I was not happy the postman left them on our doorstep, very little chance of theft, but we have loads of rain, the packing was really wet and the bottom book damp. 
 Catch up time
Not so much time last week for stitching. 
After a long drive we were very pleased to be home, we had a great time in Somerset, again all the Jones family were together, next time will be in 2016. We stayed in Priemer Inn with Fliss and the boys. Lunch out was great 24 people, so busy, all the children behaved lovely whilst still having a good time.
The evening soon started to turn into a adult party, very nice but not with Josh and Sam, I don't drink much, but I do make a point of only ever having one small glass of wine when they are around, so we left about 8.30 and got the boys into bed earlyish. This morning we all met for breakfast, Brewers Fayre do a great breakfast, where children eat free, again 20 people, we sat for a couple of hours whilst the children played in their own fun area.
A visit to my brother, he is having problems with our younger sister, she was caring for our younger brother who passed away in the summer, but on checking all his paperwork, she was rather naughty with his funds, she is now accusing us all of neglecting our brother and accusing her of theft. She won't speak to us and the probate solicitor is asking questions, oh well, families!
Tonight we are in the warm, the wind is howling around the house, just a plain tea, we are both fed up with fancy foods.


  1. My Christmas mug will come out December 1st. You mince pie looks tasty.
    Enjoy the new books

  2. Families can be a blessing or a big problem. I'm happy that for the most part, you had a great time. Cute mug!

  3. Mince pie looks lovely. I've got my Xmas mug out too :) glad you had a good weekend. Sorry to hear about your family problems - we have problems with my sister in law!! Complain to the post office. We did when they did the same to us - sent an email and got the money refunded!

  4. Your mug is adorable. So sorry about the books but glad you had a good time with family.

  5. I have the new Lee Child to read, thanks to Fran, but goodness knows when it will be picked up. I will get the Christmas mugs out sometime next week and mince pies will be on the baking list. I had a day off all crafting yesterday, I sewed myself to a standstill on Saturday, 3 zipped pouches, 2 large pillow cases for Fran,s body pillow and a fabric bowl for her bedside table and her birthday cushion. I am still to find a cross stitch project but have resigned myself to the new year, appropriate for a new craft I suppose.

  6. It sounds like you had a great weekend. Sorry to hear about the problems with your sister, it's terribly sad when families fall out but it's one of those things that happens often.

  7. Hi Marlene, sounds like you're all ready for the Christmas holiday. My trees are up and decorated but I need to finish my shopping. Your Christmas card (swap) is in the mail. Have a great week, Pat xx

  8. LOVE Mince Pies. DId you make ours?



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