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Friday, 27 November 2015


I love the promise of new growth
Something which is in short supply at this time of year
This Orchid should flower for Christmas
This is one of two Hyacinth's I have started to grow
tucked under my desk in the dark by a warm radiator
no airing cupboard here so I have to improvise  
 Hubby has been baking, Chicken and leek pie for most of us
Fliss's pie has home made stuffing on, gluten free
plus mince pies, what happened to not eating any until December
 My birthday Orchid still looks good, I have lost a few flowers, but there are still loads of buds, should last for ages. That's why I love Orchids so much, choose carefully and they will flower for months and reflower for years. 
 1st Christmas card, it came with my birthday card
So black Friday is here, not that we take part and almost every one I spoke to today was the same, still even here in UK it's a huge sale day, so someone is spending loads.
Thank you for the comments regarding the flowers in our garden, we are sheltered along the south coast, but it can be a problem because we are also the driest part of the UK, not so bad at this time of year, as yet we have only had one light frost.
Oldest daughter and her partner is here for tea tonight, so I am looking forward to a glass of wine.
I am wrapping a few presents tonight so we can take them with us tomorrow, we are not sure if we will get back to Somerset after this weekend. We will be back on 31st December, we love New Years Eve in the village, there are 4 pubs and every one wanders from pub to pub, loads of lovely hello's to people we only see on evening like this. No tickets to get into the pubs all very friendly, we end up at the pub closest to my brothers house.
Everyone is using the C word, we are almost ready, only two gifts to get, it's really simple again this year, all about family and laughter and fun. Sod the magazines with all the recipes for the best tasting food, articles with the perfect house settings. Our decorations are years old, I add a couple of items each year, more to do with the fact we got a huge new tree last year, I love the history which comes out when we dress our tree.  Both Josh and Sam love to see their favorite things each December.
Why is Blogger taking ages to show my post after I publish, it's take a few hours before it shows.


  1. Safe journey and have a wonderful weekend away.
    A lovely new stem is emerging on my orchid too

  2. The orchids are so pretty. New year's sounds like so much fun in Somerset. I actually did go out for a short time this morning. I never really shop on Black Fri. I can't stand the crowds. They did have a few deals I could not pass up.

  3. Blogger is a PITA sometimes! I can't wait to put my tree up this year because it's a new one although I'm incredibly sad to be abandoning my old one! The pies look good and as for the mince pies - I've already polished off a box of icing topped ones AND a packet of mini stollen bites!! Breaking all my own self imposed NOvember rules!
    I would never put a tree up in November. There's loads up round here!!

  4. I did partake in a little online shopping but it was something on my wish list and it came up in the sale saved me £15 :-)

  5. Yippee at long last I can leave a comment - not been able to for months! Loved reading your posts. You are very organised Marlene. Hope you have a nice weekend and the weather isn't too bad. Some of my Christmas decorations are from when I was a young girl - I love getting them out and like you we do add each year by buying one or two things. That's what Christmas is all about.

  6. One of my orchids is just coming in to flower again now too, the other two haven't sent up a new flower spike at all though, I think they must be having a rest. I'm only just starting to think about Christmas (apart from the swaps I've taken part in), I ordered a gift for Daniel yesterday but apart from that I haven't done anything yet.



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