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Monday, 9 November 2015

Day of rest

Hectic birthday weekend
Lovely cake made by the same lady who will make daughters wedding cake next year, it was a very good trial run, looked brilliant and tasted lovely. 
 Our two boys, Sam and Logan
spent the whole weekend together, they had a sleep over with us on Saturday night
sleeping on a double blow up bed in our room, which is the morning became a boat, and our bed was bouncy island, don't know who had the most fun, just loads of laughter. 
This is what happens when we all get fed up with photo's
second best photo of the weekend after the one above
 One fantastic book
full of beautiful sketches
perfect gift, I love it
I have a much needed day off work today, a lovely lay in this morning, a quiet day together. It is lovely to see everyone together for a couple of days, our kids are spread around the UK, so we only see everyone maybe once a year. November this year is good because we will be together again in two weeks another big birthday, so we will travel to Taunton to celebrate DIL reaching 40.
Now I have loads of post to read................

PS did I miss something, TV has gone into full swing Christmas ads!


  1. What a wonderful week end you have had with your family, great photo and lovely looking cake, oh didnt you know christmas was arriving in 6-7 weeks I thought some-one would have told you :-)

  2. Glad you had such a wonderful weekend, it looks from your photos like everyone else did too. Your cake is fabulous, love it. I'm loving all the Christmas adverts at the moment, I'll be totally fed up of them in a week or two though.

  3. You look as though you had a really special family time. I love the cake, unique.

    Now that book is beautiful......what a perfect gift for a nature lover.

    Wonderful thing to spend time with Grandchildren, they do without doubt keep you young.

    Have a good week........

  4. Saw my 1st Christmas ad this past weekend . . WAY too early :(

  5. Your weekend sounds like great fun, the book loves lovely, that little dormouse is too cute. I just have to ask if Granddad was captain of the boat.

  6. Sounds like such a great family week-end! What cute little guys!

  7. Your family pic gave me a smile this morning, what a lovely family you have.
    Fabulous cake!



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