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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Glitter every where

All finished
 Up close, very bling
 Menu card (navy)
Invitation card (navy)
Accommodation card (silver)
(extra sliver card in photo just to show you full effect)
RSVP and envelope (white)
 I purchased a pack of cheap invitations to use for a topper on the band
I also used the envelopes
 Evening invitations
much the same just a bit simpler
I put all the wording onto labels which was placed on the back of the cards, this ensured all the white backgrounds looked the same. I cut bands to hold the cards together, and slit into the top card to thread the band through, so I did not need to use glue. The small RSVP envelopes  were hard to find, in the end I brought some cheap save the date cards and used the envelopes, much cheaper than purchasing small envelopes on their own.
Other than the white card, which I always keep in my stock drawer, I had to purchase every thing else, and checking all the prices, each card cost 69p to produce, which is calculated on every thing I purchased, even if it was not used. Evening cards cost 48p each, not so many layers.
I do have loads of gold sheets not used, it was a pain to have to buy mixed packs, but it was still cheaper than getting them off the internet, I did not need huge numbers which would have given me a better discount. I also have half the glitter card left, these will be kept for card making.
My office space is covered with glitter, I did clean it twice last night, but it's going to take a while to get rid of it all.
It rained all day yesterday, so a good use of my time. We did pop out once, we went to Waitrose on checking on line we found they had our coffee on discount, plus my cordial was also on a buy two for £5, and I required two bottles one for home and one for work.  Josh was very tired, so we did not see him, but he phoned with all the fun he had, he wants to go back which is a very good sign he enjoyed himself.
The hope this morning is to get the garden jobs done, it is very windy here, but dry.


  1. Well done they look fantastic! I love the personal touch, it makes it even more special.

  2. Those look really great - and it's never difficult to use up sparkly bits when card making!

  3. They look brilliant, your daughter must be very pleased. Well done.

  4. The invitations are really beautiful.
    Your daughter must be absolutely thrilled with them.

    Always good to buy offers at Waitrose.....I do the same.

  5. Very professional looking, well done.
    Perhaps the gold card could be used for your festive cards.

  6. The cards look lovely. You've done a fabulous job. Well done.

  7. The invitations are just beautiful!!



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