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Monday, 23 November 2015

Playing nicely

I have finished my November good read
third book by Diane Chamberlain, 
I need a good December book, any suggestions
Paula asked about monkey nuts,
We often get them, just peanuts in their shells
I decided to outline the inner section, 
it makes it easier 
Spot the difference
the back is as important as the front
Our weekend was bliss, quick dash to a nice village close by, collect my bracelet which had a broken link fixed at jewellers, pop into butchers for lovey meats.
Sunday morning at home, both daughter came for lunch with partners, everyone gets on so well, hubby made sausage rolls and mince pies, his pastry skills are brilliant, the sausage meat was wonderful, he added apple and herbs to the pork.  After our lunch we walked to the castle, a very cold walk around and then into the local pub, 1st visit in almost two years, it went down hill, now under new management, with huge log fires and a clean place to sit, we chatted for a while. Back home just hubby and I, did some sewing. All in all a perfect weekend, we are home in Somerset next weekend with Josh and Sam, family birthdays, so meals out and parties.
This morning my car was iced over at 6.45, and bloody cold, my big winter coat is out again. Work was good busy, but we are slowly chipping at a utility company who are giving us major problems. Tomorrow a new lady starts, sat next to me so I will be training, it will be nice to have someone different, but as a team we are all working well together.
I have a couple of  new followers, which amazes me, thank you for stopping by and joining in.


  1. I can thoroughly recommend I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh if you're looking for a good book, it my favourite of the ones I've read this year. Sounds like you've had a lovely weekend but goodness, hasn't it been cold.

  2. That sounds like an ideal weekend, I love it when things just come together like that.

  3. The Saffron Trail by Rosanna Ley was a good read.
    Quite chilly here too.

  4. It sounds like you've had a busy time. I have a lovely stockpile of books to get through - I'm so excited xx



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