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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

I love a bargain

I was not going to blog tonight 
I have been in the garden since 4pm, the sun is warm, 
but my bargain arrived. I saw these in a second hand shop, made a cheeky offer and now they are mine. Just two chairs, they will live at the bottom of the garden near my shed. 
Any one join me for a Pimms.
 I love the table top, they need a good clean and a new coat of paint. 
My veg tubs are doing well, I am hoping this will work, and next year I can get hubby to build raised beds here, still rather small, but enough for me to keep very pale green fingers. The hope is for a couple nice fresh meals, and loads of salad things. I have a pot of fennel, 1st time growing for me, for fresh tea.
 Can you see the small cucumber beginning to grow.
 Even smaller my 1st cucamelon flower forming,
it's the yellow dot in the middle of the photo. 
 Aquilegia, all doing very well.
 A present from USA, a shaker pin cushion, I love the wooden outer, the wrap around is perfect and beautiful. This is too nice to go into my sewing box, I will add pins and leave it out for everyone to see. A friend from work brought it back for me, a perfect present and very unexpected.

Hubby is on his way home, been to the West country for two days with work, I'm cooking a nice Chicken Biryani for tea, I can smell the spices, it is one of my favorite dishes.
Later I will stitch, and watch the final of Happy Valley, on BBC1 at 9pm, I am itching to see how it ends and at the same time sad, because it has been a fantastic series.
It's been a nice warm sunny day, heavy rain due again tomorrow, well the plants in my garden will be happy.


  1. I love the new table and chairs very chic, are you planning on some cushions now, :-)

  2. Lovely new patio set Marlene.


  3. Your table and chairs are GORGEOUS!

    Happy Valley . . one day we may get it on PBS here . . will try to remember you said it was good.

  4. Hi I have just come across your blog via Jo at Through the Keyhole. I do love a bargain and I hope you get a lot of use out of it.

    I have been watching Happy Valley it's been such a good series like you I'm sad it's ended.

  5. Its always nice to grab a bargain, I'm sure yours will be well used.

    Love the shaker pincushion, perfect gift for you Marlene.

  6. I do love a bargain, that's a beauty. I'm sure you'll get lots of use out of it sitting in the garden in the wonderful summer we're going to have (ha ha, I can but hope). I've heard lots of people mention that they're growing cucamelons this year, it's something I've never tried before.



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