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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

2nd week in France

We are still in France, enjoying the beautiful sun shine, at this moment we are sat under an umbrella, enjoying some shade, in the main courtyard, we have not had any rain for the week we have been here, a couple of days have been breezy but always hot.
Yesterday we went to Apremont, and visited a chateau, it was like a castle with turrets and a dungeon, a very interesting morning. We had lunch in a local bar, and the did some food shopping. I love supermarkets here in France, everything is very different and interesting, our fridge is loaded with tasty food. Why do tomatoes and cucumbers always taste so much better here, and the fruit is juicy and ripe. Needless to say I am missing my garden, I am hoping there will be a harvest waiting for me.
I am still unable to load any photos, I did try and load photos from my phone to blog from there, but I could not access any photos taken after December 2013, not sure if it's me or my phone, this iPad says I still do not have any photos on here. I will do a quick photo blog when I get back home, both hubby and I have taken loads of photos enjoying our shared hobby.
I hope you are enjoying what ever you are doing and can find your own sun shine.


  1. Have a wonderful time...I'm so jealous! Enjoy all that wonderful food while you can...looking forward to seeing your pics!

  2. Sounds like you are having a wonderful holiday.



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