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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Just words

It's our last weekend in France, we are sat in the shade in the courtyard, at 7.15pm it's still hot, the shade the tempature is showing 80 plus. Tonight there is live music, a great way to finish a great day. We got up late and went for a walk in the woods, taking loads of photos of the tree top adventure course, then we spent a few hours at the pool swimming and topping our tan.
Later we walked to the village, sampling the amazing cakes as a reward.
We have two days left, nothing planned but to relax. I hope to do one more shop, I would like to take a few things home with us. We have not visited a market, which most people do
Tomorrow we have been invited to a birthday meal for Rob, he's 59, we spent Thursday with him and Ann hanging from the trees.
So from this bit of heaven in France, I hope your weekend is bliss.

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  1. Your 2 weeks seem to have passed by so quickly, I find myself saying that so much recently ... must be getting old!



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