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Monday, 2 June 2014

Highs and Lows

How cute is this
Best friends
 We went out to tea, back to Deans Diner, little boys love burgers and then ice cream, so does their daddy and Grancha, we all sat for a couple of hours and laughed, even Josh had fun, but still no photo's.

 Just a few flowers from the garden
 European Cushion
I have been busy, getting the balance of this one now. 
 I am loving the green, I should have used the blue again, but I love the green, it adds balance. I have plans where to add it in the centre, One panel is stitched in a mustard shade, and checking my stash, I can't find anything to suit, it not helped by the fact I am not keen on mustard.
I have been all over the place in the last few days.
HQ visit on Friday was bad news for the office, they have said they will not replace my contract, another lady has to reapply for her job, there are 6 people and two jobs going. I was then asked would I work part time, which I would love, but I responded depends on the hours offered.
After a separate meeting with my boss, he thinks they want to chop my hours rather than get rid of me, so he is fighting for as many hours as he can get. It is credulous to think one person can suddenly do two peoples work. The lady I work with wants to lower her hours, but she is saying nothing, we are hoping they offer me 3 days, she has 5 days and we will offer for each of us to work 4 days. Please Keep every thing crossed for us.
The weekend was great, Logan, mummy and daddy came to stay for a couple of days, Sam and Josh popped over when they returned from Grandmas. It was warm and sunny and with loads of bubbles we played in the garden.
We are off to France next week, I can't wait for us to be away, we both need a rest.


  1. Love the photo of the two cousins - ever so cute :) your sewing looks lovely as always and the colours really go well . Your plants are coming on well. Sorry about the HQ visit will keep my fingers crossed for you. Our full admin review has just started and it's not looking good for us. Keep thinking of your holiday. Who looks after your garden ?

  2. There is something so wonderful about seeing a little person dip into a big icecream glass... super pic.



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