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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Home sweet home

Home sweet home, and back to work this morning.
 At 4pm, I went out into our garden, not too much to do, hubby cut the grass, and I did some dead heading. A friend popped in about 5ish, we shared a bottle of wine and chatted, later Fliss popped back to check every thing was OK. So now at just past 9pm, I am in for the evening.
 This bleeding heart, flowered whilst we were away, 
a new plant for this year.
 Daughter and grandsons have already had a raid on the strawberries, but loads left, will have some for tomorrow lunch.
 My cucumber and tomato plants are huge, loads of flowers and fruit and a nice harvest to follow.

 My second cucamelon and hanging basket tomato plant. 
Courgette plant with loads of flowers, and two moneyspinner tomatoes
 Fliss my daughter was great with my garden, every where looked so green and healthy, almost as if I had not been away. Neither of our cats want anything to do with me, but I will open a can of Tuna for their tea tomorrow, then all will be OK, I know how to win them back.
Work was good, spent the day answering emails, still have loads for tomorrow. After I have finished my post, I am going to look at all my photo's, I will do a couple of post about our holiday. We both had a wonderful time in France, helped by the beautiful weather, I managed to read 6 books and do a bit of sewing.


  1. Your yard looks fantastic Marlene. Looking forward to seeing vacation photos.


  2. Glad you had a great holiday. The garden looks lovely
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Welcome home ... your garden looks lovely and lots of nice produce to feed you in the coming days too.... perfect!

  4. Your backyard is looking so green and healthy.

    I had an all black cat, Sheba. When I would go away for a vacation, she would totally ignore me when I came home. But, in the middle of the might I would find her snuggled, just as tight as she could get, to my side.



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