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Thursday, 5 June 2014


Grumpy is a fantastic word, it's how I feel today, and have felt like it for most of the day. I normally don't do Grumpy, can't say where is came from. 
With a bit of luck it will be gone by the morning. 
 I love hubby's mug, and the coleus, 
it's perfect for the big out side table.  
 European Cushion
 The placing of these colours is totally down to my choice, the blue centers are a third choice, I did them in yellow and then green, neither showed up well, so now they are all blue. I will use blue in the next pattern row and then green in the 4th section, I decided against mustard, it's not a colour for me.
 It's the 70 years anniversary of D Day in UK, and loads of things have been happening at Portsmouth, most we just hear from our office, when the boats left to sail across the channel, all we could hear were the horns, loads of them, sounded really good. We did get to see The Red Arrows, not everything, but enough to feel we had seen a show.
Did not meet up with daughters tonight, Fliss is unwell and after taking hubby to SpeckSavers, he had drops in his eyes which blurred his vision, I stayed home to ensure he was OK. It's a shame cos I do love our girly, coffee and chat evening.
I have been to check on my garden, everything is doing well, it is so pleasing to pop out and look at plants growing after a day in the office, does that make me sound strange?
This weekend we are going to Free cycle my old tables and the tool store, it will be nice to have the extra space sorted before we go away.
That's it, my sewing is calling.


  1. Sorry to hear you are a tad grumpy. Looks like lovely weather, and a stroll in the garden is always a pick me up.

  2. Hope your day is brighter tomorrow and you wake feeling smiley!

  3. Oh dear Marlene hope you feel better today, mind I was the same yesterday!!! Love the mug :) Your sewing as always looks lovely and the colours go well together. There's nothing like a stroll and potter round the garden to make you feel better. Hope you have a nice weekend and hope Fliss feels better.



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