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Saturday, 7 June 2014

All done in the sunshine

  I purchased this Orchid on 24th of March, in the first photo loads of buds, the second photo is today, all the buds are now flowers, these will last for weeks yet, making an Orchid the most cost effective way of having flowers in your home.                    This plant cost me £5.00
 Back in the garden, the tool chest has gone, you can see where the decking is not painted, now my fruit plants are next to the herb garden. Everywhere is now tidy. After our holiday we will re stain the decking and ensure every where is covered.
 The herbs are looking well, with onions planted in the front of the bed. I left the strawberry pot where it can get sunshine all day, the berries are forming, typical the first will ripe whilst we are on holiday. 
 From the back of the garden, Purdy has been watching me do all the work today. We had thunder this morning, it was a heavy storm, so no watering required tonight. I am so pleased our garden is looking at it's best. Later in the year we will level the lawn and re-turf, the front end.
 In between the gardening, I have done some stitching, just started stitching the blue and the green, just to see if they are what I am looking for. I love the green, much better than the mustard.
We have had a great day at home, the chairs and the took box was collected, a friend came for lunch, and most of the afternoon outside.
Monday we are off to France for two weeks, just hubby and I, Fliss oldest daughter to house sitting, so garden should get watered. I will not post for a couple of weeks, my iPad is playing up, I have had it for 3 years, I hope to be able to log on a few times to read all your news. My plan is to read a couple of books, walk and eat alot, well it is France, and the food is wonderful.
I have a raspberry cider, it's from Sheppy's Cider in Taunton Somerset, hubby is cooking tea tonight, we are having steak, still no home grown veg, but a promise of loads soon.


  1. have a lovely holiday, your stitching is lovely, very neat work, and your garden is looking great too.

  2. Garden is looking good. Have a great holiday. Enjoy your cider and when you come back you'll probably have some veggies ready :)

  3. The deck and your stitching look great.



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