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Monday, 3 March 2014

The winners are

Guess what, I changed my mind, again!
I finished box 5 and started box 7, but a design dilemma came up in this box, 
so for extra thinking time, I decided to stitch box 6 as I wanted. 
 The lower section in box 6 is stitched in blue for the sea, I was not sure if this would be too much blue, I have started the ship above it, but I am liking it. 
In box 7 there are two tree's and I am thinking of adding green for the trees, 
I think it might work. 
 We had visitors yesterday, here is Sammy stealing my stitching chair and looking very cute, I love the way his feet do not touch the floor, he played with Nanna and Josh for ages, it was great fun and loads of laughter on a very wet day.
 I normally only show my spare bed at Christmas time when it is full of presents waiting to be wrapped, but now I have another use for it, my greenhouses are not warm enough for planting seeds and I wanted to get ahead, the room is very sunny (on days when we see the sun), so fingers crossed I get to see shoots soon.
I think it is about time I sorted my give away for my 6th anniversary
it's very late and I am sorry for the delay. 
I had five people comment, and 1st out of the hat was
  Linda I love your stitching and really love the stable you are working on. 
But in true blog fashion, I am going to send a gift to everyone who left a comment.
So, Beauty Bonnet  Teresa,  all three ladies please send your addresses to marlenejjones@gmail.com, 
Laura and Cath I have your address, and within the next few weeks a parcel will arrive for you, 
still not saying what in inside, I love surprises.  
Nothing much going on here, normal life, grand sons, garden, shopping and stitching.


  1. I so love your sampler Marlene. I love your color choices. I think the blue in box 6 looks great. Thank you for picking my name. How sweet of you to send everybody something. I will email my address.


  2. The sewing is lovely and love the way you've changed the colour which goes so well. Love your chair - that looks a great sewing chair and how cute is Sammy :) . Hope your little plants come on - perfect place for them. Congrats to Linda and ooh thank you for the surprise gift - looking forward to that. Hope you have a good week



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