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Monday, 24 March 2014

Green shoots

Nothing says spring more then daffodils, 
these came from our local shop, 
I don't like to cut them from the garden. 
 Another Orchid, B&Q were selling these for £5, a bargain, so one came home with me. I was tempted to get a couple, but hubby would go mad, my house plant numbers are rising.
 In my little green house I have loads of seedlings coming through, top two shelves are flowers, my french Marigolds being the best at this time. On third shelf is salad items, lettuce, radish, spring onions, carrots and beetroot. In the front Strawberry plants. This year I spent more and got a better quality compost, and almost every thing is growing, I think a lesson learnt here.
 My temporary green house on my spare bed, I did put these back in my green house, but it has got a bit cooler so they are back in the warm. On the right is  7 x Cumelons, a very small cucumber, with two chili plants. At the back 4 pots of normal cucumbers. Front left, three types of tomatoes, I think I will have loads of plants to pass on. The cumelons have doubled in size in just a few days. Almost every seed I have planted has come up, this year is starting well.
 Our garden is half open for summer, hubby cleaned all the decking, he now has to seal it before we can place the furniture, but we are getting there. I have had this hard wood furniture set for about 20 years.
My Magnolia tree lost loads of it's flowers in the blustery  rain yesterday.
Every where is so full of promise
 Finally sewing, I have almost finished the large outer pattern, I have the navy to do and then all the white infill.  I cannot decide how to stitch the center, I did say stripes, but I am thinking it might be too much, so Laura please let me know what you think.

 How quickly Monday comes around, our weekend was great, time at home doing a few jobs. We did not see Josh or Sam, Sam was very tired after his first full week at Preschool and childminders.
Yesterday a friend came over for a stitchy chatty afternoon, so whilst the hail was pouring down on us we were inside in the warm.
I am having to be good for the second week I have put back on a pound in weight, so I have started going the wrong way, note to myself, must be try harder, I purchased a new skirt in size 12 on Saturday, it was a double plus, a size smaller for me and it was in the sale.


  1. Nice progress Marlene. Your seeds and flowers are doing great.


  2. Hi Marlene, it's been ages since I've popped in and commented. It's lovely to see your seeds coming through all ready for a nice summer(hopefully!) Things are cooling down here in NZ, autumn is here and winter is on it's way. Your stitching is lovely as always, and I always enjoy seeing what you're up to....

  3. Wow your garden is going to look amazing with everything and they are certainly coming along, We found a difference in the quality of compost last year, the rug is beautiful Marlene. What about some of the little squares that are on the border for the middle - the border is so nice don't want to distract from it :)

  4. Daffodils are my FAVORITE spring flower. I, like you, hate to cut flowers from my own garden BUT, I will cut them from the back of the house since I don't get to see them very often. The ones in the front, I never cut.



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