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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Going Blue

I am having a break from my sampler and stitching a rug for a 1-12 scale dolls house, this was my 1st nights stitching, it's not for me, I was told blue would be nice, and I don't normally stitch much in blue.
 After two nights stitching, it's another easy design, but very impressive design, it will be just a bit bigger than asked for, I have been infilling in white, I tried pale blue and silver grey, but they did not match.
 I would like to stitch this design again, the border is really special. We were thinking the centre should be stripes like a barcode, but I will wait until all the outside is done to see what will go.
 Another sunny day here, bit colder, but no rain. Purdey wanted to help in my garden, just checking I have been doing things right.
 We have had a breeze today, so my lawn was covered in leaves, I pick them up each evening, so these are from today. The tree gives me loads of petals in the spring, seeds in the Summer, and leaves later in the year. Each one is large and needs to be removed from the lawn, but any work I do is worth it, because this tree is stunning.
We are happy in our corner of Hampshire, Summer is on it's way, everywhere there are signs of the promise to come. I am enjoying pottering in my garden and greenhouse, all the hard work has been done.

This week last year I was so very stressed, my job was impacting on my family life and my health, and on the Friday, I quit and walked out. Very scary thing to do, but now, my life is so great, work and home life is balanced, your job makes such an impact on all your life.


  1. A sweet little project, beautiful colours.

  2. The rug looks beautiful - the border looks really distinctive :) great photo of Purdey inspecting the garden and your tree looks gorgeous. The trees up here are just coming into bloom now and it does feel like spring is here with lighter nights too. Hard to believe it's been a year - you are lucky. I finished at 7,30 last night and today worked 8.15 - 7.45pm!!!!

  3. That border is very pretty! I look forward to seeing the middle.

  4. I love the new design you started Marlene. Really pretty.


  5. Lovely stitching Marlene, the blue is lovely. And great photos from your garden - that's a magnolia tree dropping all over your grass, right? My mum used to have a beautiful big one but it got way too massive so she started again with a smaller one which is looking lovely.

    Glad you are so much happier than last year, not being stressed too much in a job makes a massive difference.

  6. Pretty stitching and lovely garden pictures.



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