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Monday, 10 March 2014

Two Little boys

Saturday we went to Milestones
they had their Lego Zoo Trail, 
so a great trip for my three lads
 Logan came to stay with us for the weekend, Sam spend all Saturday with us, both 3 years old and loads of giggles and fun. Most of the morning was playing with Lego and finding the wonderful Lego animals.
 This Sabre Tooth Tiger was huge
 In the rest of the museum, there were loads of things to touch and try out, when I was at school my friends parents had a sofa like this, but in brown. We spent the morning inside but with so much to see and do, and it's so safe for the lads to be themselves. Milestones is a huge site.
 Back at home in our garden, our magnolia tree is putting on another great show this year, 
I love the way the tree has it's flowers before the leaves. 
This is a great sign of spring.
 Our pots outside the back door, looking down through the garden, we played football Saturday afternoon. There were also loads of games with cars, mostly 'nee nar' ones, the red fire engines being the best.
 Still on my garden, loads of seeds, I have two types of cucumbers, two types of tomato's, but my peppers at this point are a no show. I have planted 5 of each,this seed tray is sat in my spare sunny room, it's warmer in here than my green house. I have loads more seed to sow, but I will wait for a couple of weeks, I never trust March weather, it's nice now but 'March, in like a lamb, out like a LION' so I don't want my seedlings ready before 2nd week in April.

I did manage some stitching, I chose to do the easier boxes, less chance of a miss count.
I am planning to stitch tonight, I think I will do box 8, om the bottom row, no reason other than it's furthest to the left, and I like to stitch the left side of the design first. 
We had a perfect morning at Portchester Castle, yesterday, walking through the small grounds, watching loads of family fun. We stopped at the small church's tea room and had wonderful home made cakes, it was another sunny warm day. Hubby took Logan home yesterday afternoon, it's almost a 3 hour drive, Logan sleeps most of the way, hubby is working in Somerset for a couple of days, he should be home later tomorrow.
I am getting over a horrible cold, not had a bad cold in years, this stopped me sleeping so I have been grumpy for a few days. I still have not got back my sense of smell, but my sense of humour has returned.
Tomorrow I will pop to the post office and post my give away parcels, bit later than expected, I'll blame it on my cold.
Not alot planned for this week, out with both daughters for a catch up evening on Thursday. Su will be popping in tomorrow, she is collecting her new car, and will want to show it off.


  1. Looks and sounds like a fun time Marlene. Your garden looks great. I so love the sampler your working on.


  2. LOVE the two pictures of the boys with you and "the mister." I'll bet you had as much fun watching them play as they did playing.

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon. You look as though you had a great time and love the photos. Your magnolia tree has come on in leaps and bounds and looks lovely. Hope you have a lovely catch up too. Take care



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