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Friday, 28 February 2014

It's raining again....

Box 4 is finished, I love, love this sampler.
 I have made a start on box 5, I hope to stitch tonight, next I will stitch box 7, and then go back to box 6, I have an idea forming on how to stitch 6, but I need to see the balance of 7, before I decide how different to go.
Every where is very wet again, we have had a couple hail storms,
 and it's much colder.
The back garden is looking good, so much colour, 
the crocus have not opened today.
So full of promise.
 Plants inside, just as important as outside.
It has been a hectic week, my daughter Fliss spent a few days in hospital, which was a shock and worry, she is home now, resting and catching up with all the kisses and cuddles from Sam and Josh. Today is the 1st night I have come straight home from work.
Yesterday we have a team building lunch, in the Ward room at HMS Nelson click on the link, it was a fantastic room so full of history, the silver table centres were to die for, but no photo's allowed. Every one dressed smart, after 3 hours in the old building, we all felt rather spoilt, and just a 10 minute walk back to the office.
Back to normal today, cold rain for most of the day. No alot planned for the weekend, I have started some seeds for my greenhouses, cucumbers, tomato and peppers, just waiting for the shoots to pop through the soil. With more rain in the weather fore caste, we will have to wait and see if it is dry tomorrow morning. It would be nice to spend a couple of hours in the garden.


  1. Best of luck to Fliss. I hope is better soon.
    Lovely progress on your sampler.

  2. Hope Fliss is okay? That must have been a shock for everyone? WOW! The Ward room at HMS Nelson is simply beautiful. Wish our team building was held somewhere like that - I wouldn't have been able to concentrate as I would have just been looking around. Your garden is looking very spring like and today is the first day of spring I believe! Your indoor plants are lovely too. The sewing looks even better now. Have a lovely weekend and hope that Fliss improves.

  3. Beautiful work on your sampler.

  4. Get well wishes for Fliss.
    Superb stitching, such a pretty project.
    Lovely colour blooming in your garden and super collection of houseplants.

  5. Oh yes, please steal the poem from my blog.

    After I heard it, I searched all over the internet for it, and I couldn't find it. I had to write the minister who did the funeral to see if he would send it to me, which he did with the nicest note.

    When my SIL died in 2013, I was talking about this post at the dinner table. Her brother, who is a funeral director, asked me how to find it. I said, "Just Google my name. That is the name of my blog and you will find funeral in the list of topics. Now how easy is that :)

    Canyou tell I like to be in control of my life events . . . even after death :) LOLOL

    LOVE the way the sampler is coming together. Can't wait to see what you do special for the one section.

  6. Your sampler is looking absolutely gorgeous!



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