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Thursday, 27 March 2014


This is stunning, really good.
 I have just a few navy swirls to stitch, then just the centre to complete, I am really thinking it should be White and keep it simple, or may be Navy, Laura it's your call. I hope to finish this within the week.
 Daffodils, I love them, these are on my kitchen window sill, 
I sprayed them with water for effect. 
 The light through the flowers are beautiful, a true feeling of spring.
 In the spare room/ green house, my seedling are doing well, These are my cumelons, I am excited to be growing these. I have loads of plants to pass on.
I have had a good week, work has been busy, but fun, it's nice to come home in a good mood and early enough to have time to do things. Tonight I am meeting with Su and her partner, Kev is coming with me, Fliss can't make tonight.
It has been cold today with loads of sun shine, and hail storms, each time we have a storm it gets really cold, a strange day.
Tomorrow we are having the fence mended, should be finished by the time I get home from work, it will be nice to see are tidy garden again. We also purchased a garden shed, we managed to get the perfect size for us, it should be delivered in a couple of weeks. I have plans for my retreat.
Just waiting for the real warmer spring days to arrive, so much to do in the garden, and just a couple of weeks away.


  1. WOW indeed! Love the rug and I think just white because then you are not distracting from that fabulous border :) loving the daffodils with water - that's a look I love! Looking forward to seeing the new fence and shed. Looks as though some warmer weather is heading this way :). Just been to the top of the Cairngorms and it was blizzard like conditions and -18 windchill factor - brrr!!!

  2. Wonderful progress Marlene. I really like that design.


  3. That little mini rug is adorable! Looks like the baby plants are really growing as well!



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