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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunny weekend

It's been a near perfect weekend in our part of Hampshire
 I have finished another square, just 5 to go, this is so pretty, I have no idea what to do with it once finished, I would like to use it, the colours are lovely.
 I decided to go to the local shop this morning to purchase the silks I required, I was very good, I got the two required to finish the project above, and these two for European cushion, I am using DMC silks, so I have to work out which colours I like, I have used the brown before, but the blue caught my eye, I had two other things on my list, and did not buy any other extra items.
Yesterday morning, we popped to town to do a bit of shopping, then home for a couple hours in the garden. I have re potted my seedlings, they are now in my greenhouse, our nights are still cool but no frost.
 I also planted some flower seeds, top shelf, and some salad stuff, bottom shelf. If these grow well, I will have loads spare, but the joy of growing them all from seed. The plants in the second greenhouse are almost ready to go out, but I will wait a couple more weeks to ensure the frost is gone. The garden is looking good, every where is tidy, we were going to bring out the furniture, but decided at the last moment, to leave it all covered for another week.
 Fliss and Josh, visited, Josh had fun with the football in the garden, Fliss has just purchased her 1st car, she is loving the Independence  it gives her.
Today Fliss came shopping with me, but before that, I spent an hour with Sam playing in their garden, he loves to be outside in the sun shine. This afternoon we have been out on the bike, 1st time this year for me, we went to two bikers spots, the first was busy and the second was full, so it was a day for biking.
This evening I will stitch again, I am trying a new design for Laura, another small rug, I can do one corner to see if the colours and design will work.
Last Friday I went to a St Patrick's day lunch, we had coddle and soda bread, it was good fun, I wore green to work, as did loads of other people, and with Ireland winning the Grand Slam in rugby, I do wish every one a happy St Patricks day tomorrow.


  1. The sewing is coming along nicely. Are you going to frame it? You have such a lot of seeds - are they growing faster than normal at the moment? We were out today and saw rapeseed flowering! Hope Fliss enjoys her little car. Glad you got out on the bike. It was busy in the Yorkshire Dales yesterday with bikes - all the good cafés were full! Looking forward to one of your projects :)

  2. Your greenhouse looks full of lots of exciting things growing.

  3. Yeah for another square finish. I love this design and the colors.


  4. Just wondering . . . could the sampler fit in a serving tray then put glass over it to protect it form spills?

    For some reason, every time I look at it, that is what my mnd sees.



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