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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Just stitching

Box 6 is done, I love the sea with the fish all in blue, it feels right.
 I moved my work up the frame and started the last 4 boxes, 
simple stitching, which I want done as soon as possible. 
 In box 7 there are two trees which I was thinking of stitching in green, but I have changes my mind, and will stitch it in the light brown, with just on small item in blue, I decide whilst I am stitching what will be blue.

Tonight I have placed an order to enhance my stash, just fabrics with high hpi, which I cannot purchase locally, unless I want to stick to white. I will need to sort my silks and purchase more of them, just DMC.
I have my needles poised to start this design
Steve Rousseau European cushion

The week has flown by, work has been busy, but fun, I really can't believe my luck, it's a joy to spend 8 hours there each day.
Yesterday I went out for dinner with a girl friend, plus a bit of later night shopping, I'm now the owner of a nice pair of black suede shoes, it's fun to catch up with friends.
Our weekend is planned, full of things to do. Tomorrow Logan is coming to stay with us, another weekend without mummy and daddy, Saturday we are having Sammy for the day, and we will take them out. Sunday the weather is showing sunny, so we will take the boys, Josh as well and go for a family walk, maybe to Porchester castle, because of the weather it's been a while since we were last there. There is plenty of room for football, or just a ride on their scooters and of course tea and cakes.
But for now I'm off to stitch


  1. I'm so loving the sampler Marlene. Your new start will be stunning.


  2. Box 6 is really nice and looking forward to seeing more. Love your new project too. Hope all your supplies arrive soon. Black suede must be in as I've just bought a pair :) have a great weekend and your weather is looking quite good.

  3. Love the ship and ocean . . t has a calming affect.

    The cushion pattern looks like it may take a while :)

  4. I love Box 6. Love the colours. They look perfect.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend.



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