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Monday, 10 January 2011

Weekend stiches

The Palace Guard is coming along well, we were away for the weekend and I took it with me, it's a perfect size for traveling. I was able to stitch Friday night and yesterday. I am pleased with the look so far, one small problem with this kit, the silks are all cut to lengths, and I have run out of three colours, lucky my silk drawer is full and I have been able to finish every thing so far.

We had a good time in Somerset, Kev's son Stephen, Nic his wife and baby Logan were all doing well, after cuddling Sam who is 11 weeks old today, Logan at one week was so very small, but oh so beautiful, it's great to see another little family doing well. We went out with my brother on Saturday night, it was his birthday and I try and get back for celebrations, we popped to the village pub, and had fun.
Yesterday is was Fliss's birthday, so we popped around for coffee and birthday cake, they had been shopping in Winchester, this having the nearest Kath Kidson shop, Fliss loves all her stuff. Josh had all his Thunderbirds things out and was playing, and I got my cuddle with Sam.


  1. Great progress. How big will the pattern be when it's done?

  2. Just scrolled down and saw how big it will be. ;) I wonder if that would fill the scrapbook cover I have so I will have to go looking in my stash for that thing!



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