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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Almost there,

I am very pleased with my teddies, they are almost finished, I am enjoying stitching this scene. I don't think they will be finished this weekend, we have a busy time. The down side is loads of back stitches to do.

I have chosen another project
Winter Watergarden
It's in 12 parts, so it will last all year

I love every thing about this design, the colours the images and the symmetry,
I can't wait to get started.

I have loads to do, Kev is working today, very rare for him, so I will tackle some house work.

This evening we are out to dinner with friends, we were all out together last night to a local pub, so it's a bit of a jolly time.

Tomorrow if he's feeling OK, Josh is bringing Sammy, Mummy and Daddy and we are going for a walk in Portchester Castle, which is 15 minutes walk from here.

This week I have been signed off from the hospital, all my treatment is now complete, we are very happy. I do have another operation this summer, but after that, every thing is finished. The down side is then I will be looking for a job, I love being at home, but I do miss the extra money to spend. So I had better enjoy my stitching time.


  1. Ah yes, th4e extra money that comes from a job. I am so blessed to have taught enough years to receive a ension now that I have retired, butt it isn't what I used to makwe and the pinch is felt more in the "hobby" department than I would like :0{

    Glad to hear you don't have anything going on until the summer . . it will give your body time to get it's strength back.

    Now, to check out the link you made to the castle. I visited England for days and my FAVORITE part were the two castles I was able to viisit . .Dover and Windsor . . . from one extreme to the other. LOVED them.

    Now, I am off to "castle visit."

  2. The Teddies look great! You're so close to the finish line.

  3. Winter Wondergarden is beautiful. And the bears are looking quiet fab! Hope you have fun this weekend with all your friends and family. Will email soon. Got your card today - thank you. Talk soon!

  4. The bears are gorgous and so is the Winter Wondergarden!! So glad you've been signed off from the Hospital - that's a good sign! Make the most of your time off before job hunting. Hope you had a good weekend.



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