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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Thursday Update

I should be stitching my sleeping cats, but these teddies have caught my heart, I will finish this before doing anything else. I love the colours and it is so easy to stitch, there is alot of back stitch which I hate. I have not thought what to do with it once it is finished, it's too nice just to be brought out at Christmas.

Grace has become a lap cat, she is with me all the time, I have found a way to keep all the neighbours cats out of our garden, every time one jumps on the fence I walk down the garden towards it, most of the time they jump back down. It's working for now, I did speak to the "lady" regarding her cats, she was rude and walked away, so it's up to us, we will buy water pistols at the weekend.

I have not been out much this week, I have a small problem with my right arm, and I won't drive at the moment, my doctor says it will right itself, it's another side effect of chemo.


  1. Your bears are beautiful!! I can't wait to see it all done!!

    I hope your arm feels better soon!!

    Have a glorious day!!

  2. You are SO KIND with your Unio Jack offer. Ny email is:
    thefurbabiesmomma at gmail dot com

    I shall make sure to post a pix when what I make is done. Your lines are so straight for being on an angle . . I am quite impressed.



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