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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Blue Monday and Tuesday

This is my next rotation project.

I started it on Sunday, and I am enjoying stitching it, I love the mix of colours I will do a bit more today and then move back to my sleeping cats. My head is spinning with things for the sampler, I want it to be a modern design.

The Gold Collection
Christmas Teddies
on 18 DPI, 5" x 7"
Designed by Anna Krajewski

Yesterday was blue Monday, the worst day of the year, with bills, broken resolutions, weather and so on, well it was blue here in Hampshire , but not me just the sky and this morning the sun is shinning again. OK last night we had heavy rain, I spent the day stitching and on cat duty, I opened our sitting room doors and Grace was able to have a wander around our garden.Thanks for your suggestions regarding the neighbours cats. We are going to get a kids water pistol, as recommended by our vet, Grace had her check up yesterday, she's fine and has another vet who loves her.

I'm now off to sort the cupboard under our stairs, I filled it with my craft stuff when we moved in and I now need to sort the space, wish me luck.


  1. How cute! Teddy bears always make a great cross stitch.

    Great start. Looking forward to seeing more of your progress.

    Glad to hear that Grace is OK.

    And, good luck :)

    Happy Stitching

  2. Love this design! There's lots of nice colours in this too. Good luck with it.

  3. I am sittingher laughing . . . with the large number of cats you are "hunting" you may ned one of those high powerd water cannons.

  4. That is beautiful Marlene - looking forward to seeing that one finished. Hope Grace continues to enjoy the garden.



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