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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Shopping and stitching

Our shops are full of Union Jack items, and any thing retro

I am not normally a fan of retro items, but this cushion just called to me, it's not even my colours for the sitting room, and I had to do a deal with Kev, one new cushion in one old cushion out, which was not so bad, one of my cushions was looking jaded.

I have finished my 1st square for my sampler, and did aload of green stitching, I am mad, I have the frame for this piece and so I have set the size, but most of the contents I have to design, I have plans for the outside area's and will put an ABC in the centre, the rest is just a mixture of what I have in my head, and as you know that will change as I stitch, I have asked each of the family for two things which they think would describe them selves, Kev has gone for Guardsman and his motorbike. I'm not sure what I will have. I also want a stork under which I will sew the names, DOB, and weight of our grandsons. I also want Grace my cat on there.
So my head is spinning with idea's.

We have had a lady move close to us with loads of cats, we think as many as 8 or 9, which is a problem for Grace, she is a small cat and they are picking on her, Grace now does not go out much. The cats are always in my garden, I do chase them out, they are messing every where, I think I am going to have a word with there owner, but I am looking for ways to stop them digging. The birds and squirrels are not visiting so much, and I do miss them.

Su our daughter had good news this week, she has her new job, still within Estee-Lauder and her replacement starts on 31st January, so once she has trained her she will move to her new department, we are so pleased for her.

I have not seen Fliss, she is unwell and as I am not allowed to catch any germs I have not been to visit, I hope to be able to see her early next week.

We are hoping to have a walk around Portchest Castle this afternoon, and then later I hope to be able to sew, an almost perfect weekend.


  1. I hope Fliss is feeling better soon! And Congrats to Su!

    Your sampler is going to be smashing! So glad you are stitching again!

    The pillow - hehe - all I could think it Mini Cooper! Looks good!

  2. Your sampler will look excellent when it's finished!
    The first square looks really good :)

    Your cat has such beautiful markings! I haven't seen a tortoise shell with grey. I really love it.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with next for the sampler.

    Happy Stitching

  3. Hi Marlene,

    I saw that you are a new follower of Emmie and now as I write this, I see Miss Denise is here also. How have I missed your blog?

    This is the only post I have read, but I kow I shall read more when I finish this. I LOVE what you did in your corner, and your thought process for the rest is spot on.

    Please come visit me if you have time. I would so like that.

    From your newest follower, Paula :0}

  4. Oh, my husband and I were talking about what we have used, and heard about, to keep cat's out of the area . . . moth balls can work and I have read that tobacco works. (take cigaretts or chewing tobacco, soak them in water and spread around the area you want to keep them out of.)

    I do hope you can have a good talk with their owner. Little Grace needs to feel safe in her own yard.



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