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Sunday, 23 January 2011

How does your garden grow

We are having a weekend at home together, and Kev knows how to cheer me up, we had a visit to our local build and garden centre, I love our local Homebase.

I have two projects in mind for our garden, I want to have roses in our front raised bed, and I love yellow and white flowers. I will use the bulbs below in this area. The climbing rose Kev loved, not sure where we will plant it yet.

I have wanted to have fruit in our garden, I grow strawberries, but I love raspberries, so I now have 3 raspberry canes and a black berry bush, I will make a small fruit area.

This bracket just fell into our basket, and we have hung it on the garage wall, we will have to decorate the garage this year and replace the window. The nut ball is for the squirrels, we are hoping they might visit again now we have moved it away from the fence and the cats.

We also brought a new rug for the sitting room, until now we could not find one we both liked.

I have not done to much stitching this weekend, we decided we would have time together, last night we saw the film dinosaurs, it was a good film but not one to take young children to see.

Today we are having roast beef for lunch, and then we will potter in the garden, in other words, Kev will do all the little jobs I point out to him. We are going to cover my small veg plot with a net to stop the cat's using it, I have covered all my flower beds with bark, this stops the cats digging. I won't plant any of the things we brought today, it's a bit early, but I can grow them stronger in pots before planting.


  1. WHile reading your gardening post I am watcingthe neighbor across the street shoveling some of the 5" of soft, powdery snow that we received lastnight.

    I thought you had snow in your area aalso, but I guess not . . . if you are buying rose bushes.

    Have you ever seen the climbing rose named Joseph's Coat? We had 1 in Indiana and had to leave it when we moved here but have found two this last year.

    It is very pretty . . starts out one color as a bud, changes to another color when it opens and fully opened it is another shade . . .the colors on theplangt runanywhere from yellow to a deep orangish-pink. Just delicious. You must look for it.

    Oh, eat some of those new berry plant fruits for me . . I am a blackberry/raspberry lover :0}

  2. Your new rug looks great Marlene. Great idea roses and fruit - they will soon look lovely in your garden - roll on spring! Hope your squirrels come back soon.

  3. Hi Marlene here is the link about the pattern...http://groups.yahoo.com/group/chatelaine-online55/
    I love both your blogs the houses are amazing!!!!

  4. Can't wait to see pics of your garden with your new roses and berries. Ooh, I love raspberries too - especially with ice cream.

    That would be so fun to have squirrels in your garden!



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