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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Another update

My bears are coming along well. I only have the right side and top to finish.

I am doing another patchwork on my sampler,
I wanted something simple to stitch on Monday so I pick this up,

I think I have planned most of my sampler, all in my head, I will start blocking on paper to see if it will all fit. After I have done this section, I am going back to the teddies to finish them.

I have brought Grace yet another basket, she is the most fussy of cats, but I am pleased with her, she has been eating her food again, she stopped eating when the cats next door became a problem.
Yesterday I spent the day with Fliss, Sammy and Josh, it was fun, but we did not have time for any stitching, I spent the day cuddling Sammy, my left arm aches but it's worth it, I did not take any photo's and Fliss has not e-mailed to me the one's she took.

1 comment:

  1. Love the bears - it looks so good. Also love the patchwork on the sampler. Glad Grace is feeling better too.



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