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Thursday, 14 October 2010

WIP Wednesday

Yesterday I spent alot of time unpicking and stitching on my WIP, I removed the dark stitches I have done one row to low, and I also changed a colour of one part of the back ground after I had done some , it was too pink and I chose to use Ecru, I always buy DMC threads.I have also decided to stitch the white areas of the sofa, I think it looks unfinished if left.

I have decided I will not start anything until I have finished the bottom sofa section, I am enjoying adding colour to this work, and it is much faster stitching, I hope to finish this section today, I will then pack it away until next month and do a bit more. I purchased this over three years ago, so I want to finish it.
My stash I ordered from the net has come, I love the work of Valerie Pieffer, I have stitched her birds before, but I love this Chickdees range, I will get some more, a couple were out of stock when I placed this order. I am being very good, I so want to start the christmas chick. I also got a couple of quickies to do for cards.

I also went to Hobbycraft yesterday, it's our national craft chain, they are expensive but you get so much under one roof, I brought things for christmas projects here. I also brought loads of silks(floss), I will be stitching more than one of the Chickdees range. We have other local craft shops, but every where is so expensive, I like to look for deals on the net, and I buy magazines for the patterns, which with my stash of silks is cost effective.

I am into hearts at this time and want to hang a collection in my spare room. The tassells are for my Spanish sample cushion, I have also brought a zip for the cover, so I am going to undo the final seam and add the tassells and have a zip closure.
I saw this angel, I don't normally stitch angels, but I love the colours in this one, I won't start it for this year, not enough time, I might stitch it for my sister who loves angels, she does not read blogs so I'm safe to show on here.

I spent all day in the hospital on Tuesday, with a 4 hour wait for my chemo, had to have a second blood test, did not get home until after 5pm, so that day was lost to me.

But I am now rested and I am going to visit Fliss my daughter, who is due to have her 2nd baby 0n 2nd November, she is having a C section so the date is fixed. It is the day before my last chemo, so we are both hoping for a better month in November. I can't wait, Fliss has had loads of problems with this pregnancy and I think we will all be so much happier for her once baby is born, and mum and dad have not been told the sex of the baby. So an exciting time ahead.


  1. Are Fliss's children your only grandkids? I wish her luck and hope things go well!

    And your stash! Congrats! I love those chickadees - too cute!

    Glad to hear you are feeling a like better - Denise

  2. Your WIP is looking great!

    I can't wait to see that issue hit our newsstands in the States! We are always about a month behind the UK.

  3. The kittens look great.
    Love your new stash! The chickadee designs are so cute.



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