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Monday, 18 October 2010

Monday Mornings

It's Monday again after another lost weekend, I have done nothing since Friday, I did manage to complete what I wanted on my WIP, I have now packed it away for a month and find I am missing it. I think next I am going to restitch the lower kitten and start filling in.

I have been able to cut out patterns, I have been cutting out felt ready for my cute little animals, I have done a pink pig, Ham from Toy Story for Josh, a donkey, which looks like a horse for Shannon, and a yellow chick for the new baby. I have kittens and puppies to cut out. I also want to make a couple of flowers and some tree decorations using Christmas cotton material.
I did a small amount of stitching on my Chickadee, my photo does not do it justice, but the number of colors used are high giving it this special look, I should hope to finish it later this week, but I won't touch it for a couple of days.

Later this week Kev and I hope to spend two days in Exeter, it's just a short break, Kev has to run a short course, which will give me time to do some stitching, I am hoping I will be well enough to go, Kev has found a nice small hotel with a swimming pool, we will come back via my home village and stay one night with my brother Martin, we have not seen him since Su's wedding, all of us being very busy at this time.

I have one more chemo to go, 2nd November, the day after Fliss is due her second baby, I can see the end of this section of my treatment, my focus is on Christmas, I am looking forward to a family time together and a promise of a better new year, nothing they throw at me next year and be as taxing as this year.

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  1. Glad to hear you have plans to get away! I can see your chickadee is coming along.

    Girl - you are almost done with treatments and Christmas is just around the corner!

    Smiles - Denise



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