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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Is it really October

Today we have spent in our garden, me directing Kev which jobs to do, his first task was to dig out the shrubs in the front corner garden, we cut them back in the spring but they still took over, so they had to go. After Kev had removed all the plants he replaced the stones and we have planted two new shrubs, also some daffodil and bluebell bulbs, we then covered the whole area with bark to keep the cats off and slow down any weeds.

Our magnolia tree in the back garden has five new buds on, it has flowered all through the summer months, so therefore I as my question, is it really October, because else where in the garden my flowers are still in full bloom, it feels like early September here.

Saliva and marigolds still going strong.

Fuchsia is blooming, I have now planted this in our front garden.

The following flowers from the back boarder, which I dig out in the spring.

The day has been very warm and we did enjoy our time together in the garden, but one question, why did to seam such a good idea to buy so many spring bulbs to plant, we both have a bit of a back ache here. Kev is now on his second cold beer, which he has earned, me I am settling for a glass of cold water.

This week on the 16th we will have been in our house for one year, I am so pleased every thing inside is finished, nothing like a daughters wedding for a dead line, and now the garden is all up together. The larger front corner plot has disappointed me all summer.


  1. Would you like to come and do ours now.....?
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. You have lots of gorgeous flowering plants in your garden.

    The spring bulbs will be so worth it come the spring. I hope you'll show us photos next year when they pop up. (I love spring flowers!).

  3. You flowers are still looking quite beautiful even in October! Beautiful photos! Have a lovely Sunday. :) Paulette P.S. Your doll house is lovely!



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