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Monday, 4 October 2010

Make it Monday

Today is a crafting day,

I have finished stitching my Union Jack heart, and I have managed to pull all the waste canvas away, so the heart is now on the linen cushion front, later I will draw the letters L,V&E. I am going to use an interfacing to attach the letters to the linen, I will then blanket stitch around each one. I am able to show this on here, Su my daughter is not a blogger.

I am very pleased with this heart, it's the biggest project I have done on waste canvas,
I have also managed to keep the stitching very neat.

I have also made the cushion for my stitched front, it took a few tries to choose the fabric colour, I do have two shades of pink, but they did not look right. I have chosen this green, it is a colour in the patchwork quilt on the spare bed, and there is a small amount of green in one pattern block. I think it looks neat, I have to purchase a green zip for the bottom, but that will be at the weekend.

I did simple corners, letting the cross stitch speak out.

I'm pleased it looks so neat,
I will be a shame for it to be placed on our spare bed,
and not some where it can be seen by every one.

I now have the option of stitching the word "HOME" on two pieces of linen for another project or doing a quick Christmas project. I have seen a kit by Valerie Pfeiffer, Christmas Chick, but I would have to buy it online so it won't be here for a few days. I did get Cross Stitch Christmas Favourites magazine, and have a couple of things in there I like.


  1. I really love that pink cushion
    Julie xxxx

  2. WOW - that is a really cool idea with the Union Jack heart, can't wait to see the final article. Your cushion has finished up lovely too.

  3. Your cushion is gorgeous! Love the way it's framed by the fabric!



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