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Monday, 11 October 2010

Sunshine in October

It's another sunny day here, and it's warm, its just unheard of. But we are enjoying it, windows open letting in the air. After my afternoon in the garden with Kev on Saturday, and even with him doing most of the work, I spent most of yesterday resting, I think I have picked up a cold, my nose does not stop running and I have a cough. I will have to hide it tomorrow when I go for chemo, I don't want them to delay any sessions.

I have done very little stitching, can't get my head around anything, I did add a pale blue outline on my snowmen, to help show them up, last time I stitched them on a blue linen, but I don't have any at this time, I think I might just do another to put into Christmas cards.

Because I can't find a project, I have pulled out a WIP, this one I have had for ages, I am thinking if I do the blue material around the cats, I should be able to steam ahead, well that's my plan. I still have loads of Christmas items to make, but I will attack them when I am feeling in the correct mood.

One other project I have had in my head for ages, is to make my own sampler, I am not good enough to create all my own images, but I have found a nice floral alphabet which I want to stitch in the middle. So I have brought a frame, one that had depth so I can embellish my work, I will have a work area of 10.5" x 13.5", so today I am going to work how exactly how many rows, and mark off the evenweave in squares of 10 and find the centre, then I will make a plan of the sampler, I am using 28 count. I will of course add loads of patchwork, cats, cows, and things relevant to our family. I don't want to start stitching until late this year or next year, i want to finish all my other planned work.
Tomorrow is my 5th chemo, I have been very down this last week, a family argument with a much loved person has knocked me a bit, so I just want to get tomorrow all done.
Today I have someone coming to check our wooden floor, we are having problems with the flooring raising, we have trimmed it twice but it just won't lay flat, our joiner is not happy just to keep cutting bits off, so the manufactures are sending someone to see if the floor has a fault. I hope to have that sorted soon, it's very strange to have a large bump in the middle of your sitting room floor, Grace our cat hates it and won't go near it.

Hope you are all well and happy and enjoying your Autumn or Spring, where ever you are.


  1. love the snow men, they are so cute. Sara x :o)

  2. I'm concerned - if you have a cold what happens when they go ahead and do chemo? How badly will it affect you?

    Still love you snowmen! And I'm sorry to hear about your upset with a loved one. Hopefully, things will work out soon!




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