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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Another wet Sunday

This week I have been cross stitching Su's cushion front she has requested for a Christmas present, It's a take on the Love cushion, I could not afford to buy the kit at £85.00 and as there are so many cheap copies in the shops I thought I would do my own. It has been slow work to ensure the stitches are very neat.

The cushion has the word Love on the front, I am stitching the "O" as a Union Jack heart, I choose the two colours of the felt for the letters and then matched the threads, which all will go well with Su's colour scheme. After I have stitched the heart I will pull the canvas away leaving the stitching on the linen cushion front.

In this photo I have the little test heart I made to ensure my pattern looked good once stitched.

After giving my sewing machine a service, I was able to make this heart into a decoration for my Christmas tree. I have also been knitting Christmas pudding decorations for the tree, I hope to have loads to show you next time and if you like I will give you the knitting pattern.

Below, not a good photo is another free orchid, after the flowers this one had died down, it looked a bit ropey so I put in in the garden and left it to nature, and now I have loads of buds and a couple of flowers, so it sits on my desk.

I am still a bit slow and tired, but I have had loads of fun with friend in the past couple of days, they are very good and plan things for the week when I am at my best. We are going to visit Fliss, Steve and Joshy this afternoon. The rain here has been heavy for the past three days, and it's got a bit colder, so I don't want to go out in it much. We did get to a farmers market yesterday, which was fun. I want to push on with the Union Jack heart and finish that today if I can.


  1. I Love that cushion, you have inspired me with some great ideas! At the moment I am working on my son and daugher-in-laws wedding sampler
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. The heart really looks super cute, I just love it!



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