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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Thursday's update

I have been busy doing loads of different crafts,
but I have got out my WIP, Kittens and done some more,
I have a itch to finish this one !

I have knitted some more Christmas puddings for the tree.

I made two hearts, using an old skirt which I can no longer wear,
one for me, one for Fliss
everything here is scraps from my work box

I finished my squirrel heart,
the colours are my design,
I loved the random browns

I have also packed puddings to send to Denise for her tree,

I have stitched another ABC, heart in red again on a larger canvas, I will back it with the red linen, and show you next time. I started knitting a cardi for Samuel with wool we brought before he was born, but as it's a mixed fleck colour, including pinks, so I'm not that happy with it. I am going to the wool shop and buy blue wool for him.

Fliss and baby came home yesterday, which was great, Steve has two weeks off to ensure they are all well looked after. Josh is very happy they are home, and is being a very good boy.

I am very tired at this time, I was hoping I would be feeling a lot better, my brother Martin is coming to visit this weekend, which will be fun, I have brought some primroses to put in the front garden, now the saliva and marigolds have been killed by the frost.

I will pop in to see Fliss and the boys (that sounds good), tomorrow, so today I will knit.


  1. I'm so excited to receive the puddings. ;0)Glad to hear Fliss and baby are home. Take care Grandma - don't over do! Have fun with your brother!

    Smiles - Denise

  2. Love your stitching. The hearts are very pretty. Like the puddings.

  3. Beautiful ornaments and WIP! You sure have been busy!!

  4. Wauw, those puddings...! Really adorable, wonderful creations. Is that your selfmade pattern?



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