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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Thinking ahead

I am feeling a bit better today, still very tired, but feeling as if I want to take part in the world again, my mum would have said "back in the land of the living"
So I have lit my favorite candle, and hope to do a bit more craft today.

I saw today that Christmas is only 86 days away, boy it's creeping up fast, so Monday I sat here and designed some Christmas cards, I always make my cards, an individual one for close friends and family, and a mass one for everyone else, I have already stitched some family cards, see here I thought this year I would make a play on our surname, and get everyone to keep up with the Jones's. I printed the card below twice on A4 card, I use 130grms for this size card, then I just cut them in half.
The printed box around the words is there as a guide line for a silver box, I use peel offs for this, just placing them on top of the lines, the box makes the task quicker and it is always in the correct place, very useful if you are making loads of cards the same.
On each card I am placing a decoupage, The decoupage comes in 5 levels, I use 1,3,4, and5 for the front of the card. Level 2 I keep and put on the inside of my card, this image is always a good one to use. I aways have a inside paper sheet, often in a pale colour. All I have to do in photo below is attach the inside liner to card.

I have also created the Union Jack required for the front of the cushion I am making for my daughter Su, here in UK we are very retro at this time, and using our flag alot, please feel free to use my pattern below if you wish, I will stitch this onto linen using waste canvas,

But before I stitch it on the linen I am doing a smaller one, this I will make into a tree decoration. I just need to see the dimensions are correct. I did this stitching on Monday/Tuesday.

I have joined a Christmas Ornament Exchange with Marsha and have to send my ornament to Laine by November 1st, This weekend I am going to "Past Times" where they sell all retro items and will find something for Laine, and probably for me as well.

The rest of my day is planned, I have to service my sewing machine it's still not working correct, so I will take it apart and have a look. I want to do some more stitching on my Union Jack and I have a recorded programme from last night to watch.

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