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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Wedding fever

Well it's the week before the wedding, and can you guess the mood of this house, yep we are all gearing up for the weekend and a double family party.
Gavin has a lovely family and we all know each other and get on well. Both dads have motorbikes and all four of us go for rides together, we spent a great day together in the New Forest a few weekends ago.

Below are some of the wedding items.

The invitations were designed by Su and myself, Su knew what style she wanted,
also above is the table name places.

The order of service is below, I have just shown the front and back pages,
the photo's are of the church and in the castle grounds.
These were done by Su and Kev.

The little jugs are part of the table decorations
We brought the jugs back in March and the flower's I got yesterday, I would like to have some green hearts on wires coming out, but I think Su won't go for it.

Today Su is with me all day, last Wednesday she tried on her dress with all the accessories, and well she was not totally happy with the bodice, so today I am putting it right, it should not take long, she said it was alright, but alright will not do for me. I did not have a pattern for the bodice and had to create it myself, scary thing to do for your daughter's wedding dress.

I have done more on my cushion front, I have done 76 squares and have just the white background to do for the final 4 squares in the pattern. I am so excited the finish is now so close.

It has rained most of the weekend, so I have not done anything in the garden, I hope to spend tomorrow afternoon, planting and giving it a tidy up. We are hoping for better weather this weekend coming.

After only 10 months since we moved here, with exception of the office the whole house is decorated, kev has worked hard to get all the painting done, I have photo's in two blogs , click on the either link to see. It does help to have your daughters wedding as a dead line, Kev has a couple of weeks off in September and we will do the office then.

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  1. Marlene, the invitations, place names and order of service are just beautiful and so much nicer when your own design. I just love the little jugs - you should try the hearts and show them to Su. Looking forward to seeing photos of the dress because going by your sewing it's going to look wonderful.



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