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Friday, 20 August 2010

Good days

Yesterday was fantastic, I am feeling well and getting excited with Su and Gav's wedding next weekend. I popped to the hairdresser and had my wig cut, results later, I popped in to see Fliss and Joshy, did some baking, all in all a good day.

I even did some stitching, most of the work I have done is the white background, every part of this cushion is being stitched, I am at 74 squares with 26 left, I think I know what the last two patterns are, and can't wait to get to them. Click on the photo to see the detail.
I also spend an hour looking at books, showing the village Cannington in Somerset, where I grew up, below is how I remember it as a child, I spent lazy sunny days, fishing with nets in the brook. The countryside in Somerset in the late 60's was stunning. Click on the village name to see more.

I was so pleased tucked in the book was this book mark I made.

In a second book I found this photo, it is my mum's brother George, mum used to tell us of how she would help him prepare the horses manes with ribbons on special days, my uncle's were farmers, Uncle John once gave us a piglet when we were younger, I remember it we all got excited, but mum would not allow us to keep it in the garden so it had to live on the farm.

Our local Town Bridgwater, has a carnival each November, as does many towns in the area, Bridgwater is classed as the top venue, my sister Leanna brought this book for me for christmas, and the photo above is in it. Click on the word carnival to see the official website it is amazing.

I wanted to show you my new hair style, I am so very pleased, it looks like me again.

Yesterday I also baked Veggie Lasagna, which is a favorite dish of mine, with Su and Gav coming to tea I was able to bake a large one, the main problem I have with this dish is Kev is allergic to cheese and therefore can not eat it, well yesterday I made him a separate dish without cheese and he loved it, so the forward plan is to make it without cheese, once cooked I can add mozzarella cheese to mine and grill.

I am now waiting for Fliss and Joshy to pop in, then I can go to my other blog, Somerset House and have Joshy choose the winner of my giveaway. Also today my niece Tracy, hubby Taylor and baby Riley are popping in.


  1. Glad you are feeling better. I cannot believe that is a wig. Your sewing is divine! I love looking at old photos/books of places. One of my ideas is to replicate the photographs from one of the books from our village and surrounding area where we live to see the differences.

  2. Please do and place it on your blog I would love to see that



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