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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Feeling better

Today I'm feeling better, I have just had most of my side effects for my second chemo, and now I am back in the world.

Yesterday I went to our local McMillan centre in Portsmouth to attend a Look Good Feel Good session, major cosmetic companies all get together to offer this service, we spent the afternoon with makeup artist, and just cleansed, and then did our make up. The tips were great, and each lady was given a large bag of products, in fact everything required for the afternoon. We all looked good afterwards and had great fun. The site is here My daughter Su works for Estee-Lauder and she was very keen for me to attend.

Above is one of my "silly cow" items, this sits on my desk, I love the look in their eyes! It was created by Caroline Shotton, part of her Great Moosters collection. I just like to see a photo in each of my blogs.

I have not done any sewing this week at all, I did finish knitting my second hat, but I have left my cushion front for fear of making a mistake. Today the sun is shining and I want to spend an hour in the garden, I hope to get some stitching done in the next few days.

Just 10 days until Su and Gav's wedding, Su popped in after a visit to her hairdressers last night, she looked beautiful, almost everything is now ready. We have just one task for next week, Su wants plants, in small retro jugs, probably small roses on each table so we will pop to a good garden centre to buy some, I have grown some plants for her, but they are refusing to flower and Su does not want to add paper flowers to these. We already have the jugs.

I am also looking forward to Thursday evening, we are having Su and Fliss both over for tea, not their partners just our two girls, after tea we are having a girlie evening going through all Su's wedding items and having a family evening. Next Tuesday it's Joshua's 5th birthday so more family plans there, so I have a busy week.


  1. Glad that most of the side effects have cleared up for you and you are feeling better. Try and take it easy although a bit difficult with the wedding. You have certainly got a busy time ahead.

  2. Forgot to add that the Look Good Feel Good session is excellent and love your silly cow photo!



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