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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Woody, Buzz and party food

Yesterday was Joshua's 5th birthday, Grandma and Grandad visited from Manchester. Mum and dad planned a meal out, but Josh wanted party food, so we stayed in and shared a party tea with birthday cake. I did not get many photo's, Josh was fed up with camera's, below he is wearing his Woody outfit, and yep he is into Toy Story 3.

Almost every present he had was something about the film, we had a very happy little boy!!

My cushion is coming along I have just 16 squares to finish, I love the pink candy stripe I have stitched as pattern 9, you can also see my last design, which I am making up as I stitch. My photo's are not that good this time, the problem is with me not my camera.

Today it has rained all day, so I have been inside, the forecast for tomorrow and Friday is the same, but the forecast for Saturday is dry, so fingers crossed.

We had our stair carpet fitted, it is two colours, pink and grey, each is plain, I have done one step pink, the next grey and then the next pink, it looks good, kev likes it, and it makes the stairs, a dark area a bit more fun.

I think every thing is ready for the wedding, Su has finished work, and will pop in tomorrow, we have a few things to do, ie, collect wedding cake and pop to hotel. We have planned to go to lunch together, the calm before madness takes over.

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