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Monday, 22 February 2010

Colour everywhere

We have been in for 4 months, and have been very busy.

Here you can see our new kitchen, even though it is half the size of our old kitchen, I am very pleased with the finished look, very light and with clean lines, the old kitchen was so bad, we had to renew this one as soon as possible.

The down stairs bathroom just had a toilet and basin in, so it was always planned we would have to re do here, I love the tile top edging, it's very art deco, the bungalow was built in 1930's so it's a bit of the right era inside.

The spare bed room needs the curtains to be made, which I will do by the weekend, it's not the greatest of picture's, but it does show the colours, I am going to make two cushions for the bed, both will be a cross stitch patchwork, I will buy the kit in red, as it is sold and then make a second with yellow, both for the bed. The room as loads of African items, from holidays, with my Lion and my Tiger ( I do know he should not be here).

Last autumn I showed my Spanish sampler finished, well I have not done much stitching since we moved in. I have not been able to find a project to get started, I wanted to make my sampler into a cushion, but it was not big enough.
So I decided to make my sampler much bigger. I used photo suite on my computer to create what my sampler could look like.
I took the picture I had of the sampler and cropped it to one panel size, which I then saved, after I had made each panel as an individual smaller picture and then I placed them on the sampler picture until I found a combination I liked, below is my work in progress, I will add one extra panel each side and the a small edging.

I will keep you upto date with my progress, it's great fun to be doing more with it.

1 comment:

  1. I really luv your new kitchen, tiles all the way along and up the walll I don't think I have seen that done before but I like the idea of that!
    The round bowl in the kitchen bench I nearly had one of those, I like that sleek look! colour is great too!
    So nice to get the house all lovely, bathroom is looking really nice too!
    Great job!



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