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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Sunshine and Smiles

Yesterday the sun came out, first time in over a week.

Su and Gav had a perfect wedding and we all had a great time.
Below are just a few photo's of our day.

Su's style was very simple and it suited her,
ladies wore their beautiful summer dresses, a very colourful day.
The church is in the background of these shots.

The photo is taken from inside the church looking out.

We are the most proud parents, and our new son-in-law is such a special person.

Shannon was not a bridesmaid, she was a princess. Josh and her walked with Su up the isle looking sweet.

Josh with Grancha, before we left for the church, he was a good boy and did all his duties with a smile.

One very sad note, Fliss was taken into hospital on Friday for bed rest, we are all sorry she missed her sister getting married, both Fliss and the baby are Ok, but we are looking forward to her coming home, we have kept loads form the day for her.

Today we are having a BBQ, it's a drop in day, before everyone starts their drive home, we have family who came from Somerset (over 100 miles drive), The sun is shinning again, we are so very lucky.


  1. Yay! Glad to see the wedding went well, and the weather was good. The happy couple looks great and the dress is lovely!

  2. The dress looks lovely! You all look lovely too. So glad the weather was good as it does make all the difference.



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