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Thursday, 12 August 2010

I'm still knitting

I have started my second hat, I have enough wool to knit four. I love the random wools and have four different colours, they do not take to long to knit, I found this time it is better to do the patter on normal needles and I will change to the four needle when I reach the crown.
I am using the same pattern as before, but I want a different lace pattern on each one, this time I have chosen to do the pattern below, it is very easy to do.
I have the book below, which allows me to use any type of design, I have used it before, it is a good book to have on my book case.
I also have loads of beads still to stitch on Su's wedding dress, they are going down, I should have them done over the weekend.
I am tired after my second chemo, but the side effects are not that bad at this time. I heard some real good news on the radio this morning, pop here if you want to read, my outcome has always been good after catching it early. The sun is shinning here today, I did manage to cut the dead heads off my flowers, but at this time my garden is just for looking at. With 16 days to Su's wedding we are in full checking everything mode. I am proud of our daughter, she is not stressed and is taking everything in her stride, I think it does help like me she is a list maker.


  1. The knitting looks wonderful. I don't envy you sewing all those beads on. Looking forward to seeing the dress though. I am sure your garden will look lovely. Our garden has just taken a battering from very heavy rain - hope it doesn't head your way. Glad the side effects are not as bad this time.

  2. What an interesting blog you keep. I love to do all the same, knitting, cross stitch, patchwork and dressmaking but my blog is only about my miniatures. Your daughter will be proud to wear that beautiful dress, and not long now!
    Weekend shopping doesn't happen here as the shops close lunch time on Saturday and reopen Monday morning. It's true, I can never go to the shops and come back with nothing. Best wishes to you all for the wedding! Gill x



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