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Saturday, 17 August 2019

What a week !

The copper rings are working well, last time I planted Colues, the slugs and snails ate them overnight. These are surviving and growing, I planted them over a week ago. 
 Same with the Begonia in my greenhouse, loads of new growth. These copper rings should last for years and save my plants. So for me these are a winner. 
 My string of pearls, in the office is getting bigger, these will take time to grow, I'm OK with that as I do love to see plants on my desk. 
 A new flower shoot and buds on this Orchid, can't wait to see what colour the flowers will be. I do love this grouping on my logburner, it's an electric one, which we do not use for heat, only using the glow section, in the cooler months.
My hubby has not yet had any treament for his gallstones, the hospital has had to change the blood thinners he is taking after his heart attack, and until his blood is clear, they have to wait. They are managing his pain, I am hoping they may let him home for the weekend today, he would have to go back in on Monday, but it would be nice to be hospital free for a day.
My garden is a mess, we are still having strong winds and loads of rain, it has rained most of the week, I am hoping it might clear up so I can do some deadheadding and clearing around, the season looks as if it's changing early, but this is still summer, so who knows what the weather will do.
I have done no sewing, knitting or crochet, I did pick up a book to read last night, I can't switch off my brian.
I have eaten so badly these past few days, ready meals, junk food, and I have wasted loads from the fridge, so much went out of date without me watching closely, I did freeze some, but lots was binned. My coffee intake if sky high, I will try better in the next few days, I am feeling very sluggish, which is a sign I need to eat better.


  1. Good to know the copper rings work! Hope hubby can come home for the weekend....it's hard to keep eating healthily when there's stuff going on, I do sympathise.

  2. So pleased the copper rings are working well.

    You have had such a stressful week, and as a result our normal living/eating patterns quite often go out of the window! Hopefully your husband can come home over the weekend, I'm sure that will have a positive affect for you both.

    Sending healing thoughts and good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  3. Glad your copper rings are working well. I hope you orchid let's you know know what colour it is soon!
    Hope your hubby manages to get some tie out of hospital. It's not surprising your eating habits are out of kilt. Hospital visiting does that and also makes you feel so physically tired, even if your mind is buzzing. Hope hubby is sorted soon, for both of you :)

  4. I hope your hubby has managed to get home for the weekend, he might as well be in the comfort of his own home rather than hospital if they can't do anything for him yet. My mum was on Warfarin and it's quite troublesome when other health issues crop up as it always has to be taken into consideration before any other treatment is given. I hope they manage to get him sorted out soon. Glad to hear the copper rings are working, a great solution when there's slugs on the prowl.

  5. Sending a {huge hug} Marlene. I'm playing catch up on blog reading. Sad to read hubby is poorly, I hope he has soon had the operation and recovering at home with his family close by. No wonder you are out of sorts and feeling sluggish yourself. Your spotty sewing looks great and the plants are always so lovely and healthy. I saw that book in the library and heard both good and bad reports about it, having read the back I put it back on the shelf.
    Take care of you too xx

  6. I hope your hubby will be able to have his op soon and be on the mend. I tend to eat erratically when feeling stressed too, I suppose cooking and eating are the last things we feel like doing when things are not going well, i'm sure you will get back into a routine once things are ok with hubby again. You can feel a change in the air now, a lot of my bedding plants need pulling up, i might get another week out of them if i'm lucky. Take care x

  7. Sorry to hear your husband is in hospital. I hope he gets some treatment for his gallstones soon. I hope this week is a better one for you, sounds like last week was a stressful one.

  8. Marlene, I know those weeks - they creep up on you. One minute you're cruising along, then you don't recognise what you're doing. Usually, all it takes a few external influences to get you side-tracked. I hope things settle down, for you and hubby soon. :)



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