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Monday, 4 February 2019

At this time.....

On these frosty mornings I am loving my knitted socks, these are just fun, there is a silver thread throught the yarn, so they sparkle, and so very warm. Hubby has worn his socks loads, so I am going to start another pair for him.
My jumper is 15", I have just finished my 3rd ball of yarn, I am now going to knit the sleeves, once the sleeves are finished I can see how much yarn I have left, I want to make this jumper longer than the pattern, so I will use all the yarn I have to add to the length. 
 I have been given this book to read, not an author I have read before, it looks a bit of a light read, but I'm happy to try it. 
 This Amaryills has 2 shoots, I got it last month in the sales. I have another one in my greenhouse with a small shoot on, I will bring it inside. 
 Spring flowers, just a few, but wonderful to see.
 Promise, loads of bulbs, soon flowers. 
A mixed post today, but life is never about just one thing, the sunny days have been welcoming, we still need to wrap up warm to go out, not much needs doing in my garden.
Cold days means lovely home made vegatable soup, with home made bread a perfect lunch most days.
Cold evenings, mean suggled up at home, plenty of  craft time, I am at heart a stay at home person. If we were snowed in for 2 weeks, I would find plenty to do and not miss too much of the outside world. I'm feeling really creative at the moment, which I love.
Today is Monday, and Will comes to play, hubby purchased a huge fire engine, with flashing lights and loads of different sound tracks, Will loves it, such a simple thing to keep him happy. We woke up to rain this morning, it was expected, so no outside time in the garden.


  1. love the socks Marlene, the jumper is looking good too. What pattern are you using?

  2. Those socks look so inviting to put on on a cold and frosty morning. The frosty weather has broken here too and we had overnight rain. I too could happily stay home and just crochet, knit, read and bake, but alas, work calls :( At least I have a job I enjoy so it's no hardship. Have a great day with Will. Best, Jane x

  3. I could never go back to shop bought socks now, I love my hand knitted woolly socks. The jumper's looking great. I'm definitely a stay at home person, I never get bored in the house, I just wish there were more hours in the day so I could fit in more of the things I want to do.

  4. I love the socks too. My feet are always cold in need those sort of socks in my life.

  5. Those socks are so cute. They look wonderful with jeans!! I like being home too. My DH gets bored much quicker than I do. Enjoy your time with Will!

  6. Nice socks, my hubby has quite a collection of hand knit socks, its lovely when they want to wear your knitting isn't it.

  7. We finally got a little rain here too! Not much, but it's always better than nothing. I can see you're excited at the thought of spring emerging, with those early blooms.

  8. Homemade soup and homemade bread sound so warming and nourishing, Marlene. It's too hot here for soup just now but it's one of the things I look forward to when we do have our Winters. Meg:)

  9. Love the socks!



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