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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Baby play days

We have Will over night, it's mummy and daddies 1st wedding anniversary on Monday, so tonight they are back at the hotel they got married in last year. 
 My Acer is happy in it's new pot. 
 Pink Magnolia flowers with the best blue skies
 Tomorrow we will fit my greenhouse window opener.
We popped to town early this morning, needed a few things in Wilkinson's grabbed a few bargains. I had my eye test as well, I was pleased to be told for the 3rd time (over 6 years), my eyes have not changed, I am off to look at 'SpeckyFourEyes' to get some bargains on new glasses.
We collected Will just before lunch, and have him until later morning tomorrow, it's our first time, I am staying over at his house tonight, it's much easier than bring everything he might require to ours. We had a lovely walk to the village, he is happy to be out watching the world go by. He slept whilst I did a bit of gardening and watered everywhere. I did not have much to do, I have potted on yellow tomato plants, a couple of cucumbers, and French Marigolds. I have sown more Gardeners Delight small vine tomatoes, my last lot did not grow. My potatoes in the raised bed in the greenhouse now have four plants, which was the number of seed potatoes I planted, we are looking forward to them. I have loads of seedling in my outside raised cut flower bed, I mixed all the seeds and scattered them across the bed, I think it will look better than having rows of different flowers.
I have ordered my staging for the greenhouse, it should arrive next week, in time for the Easter break, so I can sort the side of my greenhouse.
So everything is coming along well in our little world here in Hampshire.


  1. Enjoy your babysitting duties. I think you're wise staying at their house tonight, I remember it being a military operation whenever we went out with ours when they were babies.

  2. You certainly have a cute little visitor! Enjoy!

  3. Hi Marlene...Will looks adorable. So much easier to stay at home...good thinking! Things are looking good in the garden too.The Magnolia looks wonderful. Hope you are well. Debbie x

  4. Hi Marlene, Wills is just the cutest little thing x he sounds like an easy baby too!

  5. He is growing so quickly. Hope mummy and daddy had a lovely time and were not too anxious about their little bundle.



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