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Friday, 28 April 2017

1st May bank holiday

Like this for ever, was brilliant
I could not put it down, the story line was against all my normal choices
Sharon Bolton is becoming a favorite author of mine.
The Stranger in my home is on my pile to read. 
 Aquilegia's are back in the garden
this one is huge with loads of buds.
 I love these flowers, I don't have as many as last year
waiting to see what colours I have. 
 Just a single flower on my Peony
It survived the frosty morning this past week. 
I have no idea where the Iris came from, it's not a plant I would grow. 
Different reading
It's a bank holiday here so no work until Tuesday, we are spending the time at home, I have just one task in our garden, we will dig out a small bed and enhance the soil, replant a few nice flowering plants I have in my greenhouse.
My plan is to have time to read, and for a nice change I got a few gardening magazines, I can't remember when I last purchased magazines, way back in 2016. I never have to justify Gardeners World, Amateur Gardening, had a lovely packet of Dahlia seeds and an article regarding regrowing Orchids, I hope to get a few tips. Modern Gardens, is not about plants and growing things, it's all about putting together gardens, a bit like DIY ground force, without Alan Titchmarsh.
Tonight we are at our daughters house, whilst pregnant she had to give up soft cheese and Pate, so we promised her a cheese, pate and wine party with a bit of port. It's easier for us to go to her's so Will can sleep in his own room.
Tomorrow I'm having a Pedicure, so I can get my summer toes out.
I want to do some sewing, but I've not planned which day, and hubby will not want to spend 3 days at home, so I am hoping a trip out with our trusty camera's will feature.
It's much warmer along the south coast, so a promise of a nice weekend.


  1. Snap! I've mentioned Aquilegia in my post today although none are in flower here yet,
    Have a good weekend of reading

  2. The aquilegias are out here too, I haven't noticed my yellow one yet though, I must investigate if it's still living. Enjoy the weekend, a cheese, pate and wine party sounds right up my street.

  3. Enjoy the holiday. Nothing much is blooming yet. I enjoy seeing your pretty flowers. It just been too cold and the ground is still very cold.

  4. LOVE Aquilegia's. We don't have any here yet but I know we will find some awesome colors to plant this spring.

  5. The 2 for 1 booklet in the Gardeners World is so useful when you are out and about, we used ours last year on holiday for a couple of places we visited.



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