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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Sew good

 It's been a busy few days loads of craft
Monday evening I took up two bridesmaid dresses, well I cut them to length, I could not hem them, the fabric was a stretchy nylon fabric, which in truth, I found horrible, it's OK I work with the bride and she does not know of this blog. I did what was requires of me, they did not want a hem, which would have been a nightmare on the fabric. The bride and bridesmaids are all happy. I just feel it was not a great job.
Tuesday I made my bag which was a quick finish, the bag is huge, but it is perfect for my fabric stash, these soft baby fleece blankets are bulky, but now are together and neat, plus a spare curtain and still loads of room.
 I love the colours, and the handles are double thickness, so really sturdy. 
The cold weather is a nuisance, but doing no damage to my garden, most things planted are growing again, and really hardy. Almost every thing which needs protecting is still in my greenhouse.
The capillary mat is working well in the greenhouse, I cut a piece for my big tray, I keep a couple seedling trays in with my tomato plants, the strip soaked the water from a big pot, the mat stayed wet since Monday and there is still water in the jug.
I have not done anything in the garden, just checking the greenhouse to ensure everything is warm enough inside. I do have plans this weekend to sort one small bed, our soil is almost pure clay and I have to keep adding a good compost and some grit to break it up.
The tree we planted is looking good, no signs of stress.
Hubby has purchased me a book, it was booked out for months in our local library, I am looking forward to reading The Stranger in my Home, by Adele Parks, a new author for me.  I have started reading another Sharon Bolton book, Like this forever, I do enjoy her writing.
To finish, my friend saw this and thought of me, 
can't complain because it's true. 


  1. You've been busy. I think the final image could equally apply to me!! Jx

  2. You've been busy, your new bag will be so handy being so roomy. That quote would be perfect for me too.

  3. Wonderful and useful new bag.
    Have a lovely bank holiday weekend.

  4. Oh that fabric sounds like it was not fun at all! However, that bag is wonderful! weather has been crazy here also.

  5. That sign really fits me too. Just ask my DH!

  6. The bag is very clever as is the mat for the toms, what a fabulous idea!



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