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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Moving things

I did a bit of retail at B&Q and Home Bargains this morning, the capillary matting and fence came from B&Q. The plant pot wheels and pot maker from Home Bargains, the wheels are underneath my tomato plants, so I can move them about, and the pot maker was reduced, made of wood and looks pretty. 
 The fencing was £10.47, I got it for the Acer pot, and hoped it would also do this blue pot, but I still have 3 sections left, so a great bargain and it's useful as it keeps the cats out of my pots. 
My twisted willow has lived in a pot since 2012, we both love this tree, and decided it was about time we found it a better home. 
 Firstly we had to ensure this pot still looked good as it's the first part of our back garden you see from the drive. 
 We had long discussions on where the tree would have space to grow, look good in the garden and also not get in the way as it grew bigger. this spot was judged as the best place, the whole area had a woodland feel to it, and a tree here would not look out of place. 
 It was the right decision, as already it looks right, I will stop cutting back the holly bush and let it fill some of the space. I have also planted the snakeshead fritillary, which had gone over in the same area. I have some primroses for the front, to finish to wooded look. 
 I put a small shrub in the pot and placed a little metal bird in front,
 hubby saw the bird and thought of me. 
Every moment spent in the garden at this time of year will be rewarded as the summer comes. The shops were full of bedding plants, and people were filling their baskets, I was a bit worried as our weather fore caste this week is for it to turn much cooler and the temperatures to drop to below normal, thus risking any new and tender plants in the garden. I normally look to plant our bedding plants in the late May bank holiday, when the risks are gone. 
I spent time in the greenhouse again, I have planted some lettuce plants in the raised bed and put in spring onion and radish seeds. I will grow salad items this year, it should keep me happy. 
I used the capillary matting under my seedling trays, I am trying it as a self watering system, being away in early May is making me think of how my plants can survive when we are away. I filled a watering can and dipped two long strips in the water, already the mats are wet, it's looking hopeful. 
I have done no sewing, but when the sun shines we want to be outside, I will do a sewing project each evening after work. 
I have finished reading A dark and twisted tide by Sharon Bolton, a really good book, I have started Thursdays in the park by Hilary Boyd, which is a light read, I'm already half way through. 


  1. What a good idea putting the fencing around your plants to protect them. Your garden looks fabulous already and as you say, the hard work you put in at this time of year will be rewarded come summer.

  2. The same thing is happening here. All these annuals are out and we are not frost free until early May. You might get lucky but that is the normal cut off. I can't see buying many now but I do fear they might be gone by May! The tree look good in that spot.

  3. Your pots and garden looks lovely

    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Your garden does look so pretty.
    I've read Thursdays in the Park ... a quick read but a fun one.

  5. I've never tried capillary matting - I'll be interested to see how your's works.

  6. Your garden i looking great. LOVE the fish in the one picture.



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