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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Lets get fruity

I have loads of flowers all over my fruit bushes, blueberries and strawberries are leading the way, I am hoping for a bumper harvest on both. Raspberries are coming along at the back, but they are late fruiting. 
I cut the center from my gooseberry bushes, and I have sprayed them for the 1st time, each year all the green is eaten by saw flies, so this year is the last chance to rid these plants of the pest. If not the plants will get dumped. 
My blackcurrant is growing well, this is the first full year in this pot and with all the new growth, it is very improved on last year.  
 I don't normally take a photo of my Acer from this angle, but the growth this year after we repotted it is fantastic. 
 My staging is in the greenhouse, it has 3 levels, and gives me so much more space. I have moved a few things from my shed into here, it's handy to have every thing to hand. To protect the top shelf I have used a plastic tray for under grow bags, just a perfect size.
 Loads of tiny French Marigolds in two trays, the 3rd tray has Saliva seeds which I hope will soon start to grow. Plus tomatoes and cucumbers, lemon grass just shooting and coriander, very productive. 
 I have spent loads of time in the garden, I pop out to the greenhouse most evenings, I have already been outside an hour this evening. It all about keeping an eye on everything to ensure I get strong plants. I have transplanted some cosmo plants from my outside raised flower bed, I have 6 plants in a tub outside and 10 plants in two big pots in the greenhouse, I do love these flowers, plus there are still loads in my cut flower bed. The flower seeds I scattered are now coming through, I have huge hopes for cut flowers this summer.
I am pleased with my tender herbs, they have a good start, some I will plant into my herb garden, others will go outside in their pots once the summer is here, my basil stays in the greenhouse, I will plant some in with the tomatoes.
I have earthed up my potatoes, we are both looking forward to harvesting them. I have also sown mixed leaves lettuce and 10 cos, I will try and have a steady supply through out the summer.
We are now planning a restful long Easter weekend, we have friends coming to stay from Spain on Sunday, Friday we are having Will over for a visit. Saturday is just hubby and I.
Tonight I will finish reading Reflection by Diane Chamberlain, a brilliant book.
I gave up on It started with Paris, by Cathy Kelly, I got to page 97 and realised I did not care what happened to the ladies.
I have not added the cost of my staging or the solar lights purchased last week to my stash list, both hubby and I were each given £250 for ourselves, so I used some of this to get these items, they are a one off purchase, I have £100 left, so I am looking for a couple of pieces of art for the garden. I'm not in a hurry it will be a case of wait until I see something special.
The new automatic window opener is working great.


  1. Lots going on in your greenhouse. We have lots of flowers planted this year too, so I'm also hoping for lots this summer xx

  2. It will be lovely if it is a bumper year for soft fruit, lots of jam and crumbles. I love your acer, they are a favourite of mine, I have tried to grow one on deck but unfortunately they don't seem to like the sea air. Have a good Easter xxx

  3. It's such a busy time of year in the garden. Sawfly is such a pest, they can decimate gooseberry bushes in just a few hours, my plants always suffered with them. Your staging is very smart, the staging I've got in my greenhouse is just aluminium but I do like your wooden version, very nice indeed. Enjoy the Easter weekend.



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