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Sunday, 9 April 2017

I see you

Purdy is always watching. 
 Magnolia and Bleeding Hearts
 Anemones, aren't they stunning.
 Blue bells and strawberry flowers. 
Will was very good for me last night, we went to bed at 9.30ish, he woke up at 1.30am for a feed and woke again at 6am, I did not get the best night's sleep, as with any young baby (7 weeks old) he makes many different noises. We watched Take That on TV, which Will enjoyed the music, and I read a bit. We were back here by 8am for breakfast, and later we dropped Will to the hotel with mummy and daddy to enjoy their 1st wedding anniversary. We popped to Garsons garden center, where I got a few rockery plants for one of my dishes, you could get 3 for £10, so I chose 2 and hubby chose the third. I now have 3 displays all looking good.  We also replaced 2 solar lights for our outside table, the old ones rusted, hubby saw they have the same design so 2 came home with us, I will keep them in the greenhouse protected from the wet but charged ready to use.
We have been in the garden this afternoon, the window opener is fitted in the greenhouse, we also cut a lower branch off the Magnolia tree, when all the flowers and leaves are there, we could not see through to the bird feeders, plus it now looks balanced with the other side, which we keep higher as to miss the fence. I also planted my snakeshead fritallery in the front of the raspberry plants, I have bark around this bed, so it does have the feel of woodland. I got my big camera out, hence the close up photo's, Grace did her usual thing and hid whilst the camera was in my hand.
We are in for a while, dare I say it's a bit too hot outside, I will go back out soon and water the garden, we have no rain coming.
We also popped to Saninsbugs for our Olive and butter spread, it was £1.5 instead of £2.60, so we got 10 packs, saving £11, they should last until the next offer.


  1. I don't think you could have asked better from Will, he did really well for such a young baby. We've had a beautiful day today but the weather's changing now, the winds getting up and it's rather dull, I think the sunshine's gone for a while now.

  2. Pretty little Purdy! Love those eyes. And the flowers are lovely too. Will is such a sweet little guy isn't he? Good buy you got!

  3. Does Purdy watch Will too? Jx

  4. Purdy does look an elegant lady.

  5. Your post reminds me of the times we took care of Caleb when he was a baby. We had the monitor in our room and you are so right, they make many funny noises. Lovely flowers! My bleeding hearts are just beginning to bloom.



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